Staning And Engraving
01/22/2012 07:04PM

Concrete staining has recently gained a great deal of popularity because of its elegant look and range of color. It is an inexpensive way to turn any ordinary concrete patio, pool deck or interior floor into a work of art. Stained concrete can simulate the look of fine marble, or when combined with stamping, genuine stone.

Designed for use on old or new concrete in both prestigious commercial projects and intimate residential spaces, staining offers unlimited design capabilities transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of color and design.

RWC offers the option to overlay stain when the condition of the concrete is not ideal to stain into, allowing for the ability to control the color and completely hide the current surface appearance.

Stained Concrete must be sealed with the proper products to ensure color stability and resistance to color fading over time. The sealer protects the longevity of the stain. Using cheaper products could initially appear the same, but will have vastly different performance over time.

Our hardworking staining system provides a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance surface that's as beautiful as it is durable. Due to its deep penetrating formula, staining is resistant to the peeling, chipping and cracking of conventional masonry paints and stains.

· Brings New Life to Old Concrete Floors
· Creates a Mottled, Variegated Finish
· Allows Endless Design Freedom
· Unlimited Palette of Design Options
· Affordable Alternative to Tile
· Enhances any Décor

Engraving is stamped concrete system that duplicates nature’s texture with incredible realism. Engraving is available in a wide array of patterns duplicating granite, slate, stone, brick and even wood. Engraving also boasts a myriad of standard colors that challenge the eye to tell the difference between an engraved slate, granite, or stone application and the real thing. What's more, engraving can be created at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials, all the while offering superior durability and requiring less maintenance.

Engraved Concrete Offers:
· Upscale look at an Affordable Price
· Freedom of Expression
· Increased Durability
· Low Maintenance
· Unlimited Color and Design

· Patios
· Foundations
· Entryways
· Roadways
· Driveways
· Walkways
· Pool Decks