Countertops And Sinks
01/22/2012 07:23PM

Design with your kitchen or bathroom countertop – not around it. The true beauty of concrete is its versatility. With the ability to be made in any shape, style, or color, concrete allows you to design and build your dream kitchen or bathroom without any limitations. All of our concrete countertops are custom built to meet you needs and taste.

The applications for concrete expand far beyond the kitchen and bath. Virtually any surface in your home or office can be adorned with this versatile material. RWC can fabricate tops for your kitchen and dining table, coffee table, end table, outdoor patio table, console table, conference room table, office desk, reception desk, cash wraps, etc. In addition to your concrete top, RWC Concrete can also have your metal or wood base fabricated for you.

· Kitchen and dining table
· Coffee table, end table
· Outdoor patio table
· Console table
· Conference room table
· Office desk
· Reception desk
· Cash wraps
· RWC can fabricate bases made of wood, stainless steel, wrought iron, or concrete
· Table bases can be purchased separately / may need to be reinforced for concrete table tops
· Table tops can be any shape, style, color, or thickness - everything is customizable

Create a beautiful and unique concrete vanity top for your bathroom. Concrete vanity countertops can be made to fit with any vanity base. Whether RWC is fabricating the vanity base, or you are purchasing one yourself, the vanity top will be custom made to fit your base cabinet. Like all of our products, virtually every aspect of your vanity countertop can be customized.

Concrete can be used in virtually every aspect of a bathroom. Vanity tops - sinks - wall and floor tile - backsplash - tub surrounds - shower tile, benches, saddles, shelves and soap dishes - windowsills - floor trim - these are just some of the items that can be custom made in any color or finish to complete your bathroom design. Any under mount, vessel, drop-in, or farm sink as well as our integral concrete sinks can be incorporated into your vanity top. RWC has many integral sink styles to choose from and can also fabricate any custom sink mold.

Backsplash has the ability to make or break a room. Although it may seem insignificant, backsplash and trim tie the counters to the walls and can really complete the look that you're going for. Like all of our concrete products, backsplash can be custom made (e.g. inlays, decorative designs, etc.). RWC Concrete can create wall panels, tiles, or the standard 4" backsplash for your project.